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Photo 111

Your introduction to digital media!

Use to display your portfolio and post a link to this assignment.


Create a video from still images and recorded and found audio. 1:30 to 2:30 min.  Upload to youTube and reply with a link.

Just a few nice short videos to get you started with Final Cut Express


Organizing your clips

Basic Moviemaking

Working with audio

Creating Effects


Make a movie from photos.  Take 3,000 photos this break in preparation for this assignment.  They will be stitched together into a slideshow/movie with sound under it.  Take images with varying degrees of abstraction around each thing you shoot.  Start to think of a story you can tell and don’t be afraid or your own sense of humor.  Have a great break!

Post your final images to flickr and reply to this post with the link.

Create a 10 second animation in which the foreground and background are moving in different directions creating a parallax effect. upload to flickr and reply to this post with the URL.

also reply with any questions.

Due at 5:55pm

When you come to class you should have:

  • One panorama created from more than 10 images not on campus posted to flickr
  • A few film stills you would like to copy for the next class
  • A response to the movie Rivers and Tides posted to the “Watch a Movie” post