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Photo 111

Your introduction to digital media!

Time to get the basics down. I have hand picked the videos that I think will be most benificial to you as you start using Lightroom. All of the videos on this page are good and informative but I don’t want you to be too overwhelmed with amazing knowledge yet. Pay attention to the shortcut keys because there may be a quiz in your future. All the videos come from this series: Photoshop Lightroom 3 Essential Training

Creative tip: Using Lightroom 01:31
An overview of Lightroom 03:53
Photographic workflow puzzle 02:36
Lightroom and Photoshop 03:34
The Lightroom interface 03:19
Essential interface shortcuts 04:50
Using the interface shortcuts 05:04
Introducing the Import dialog 06:27
Importing photos from a folder 05:44
Importing photos from a CF card 09:16
Using Auto Import 03:53
Working in Grid view and Loupe view 03:00
Navigating and zooming 05:14
Shortcuts in Loupe view and Grid view 01:39
Comparing two images 04:55
Surveying multiple images 05:20
Working with the toolbar in Grid view and Loupe view 03:58
Working with folders and files in the Library module 06:25
Creative tip: Using the right gear 01:50
Introducing flags, stars, and labels 05:00
Working with flags, stars, and labels 06:34
Adding images to a Quick Collection 02:11
Integrating collections with your workflow 05:13
Grouping images with collections 03:07
Using Smart Collections 04:39
Sorting images 03:00
Renaming images 02:01
Adding keywords 04:51


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